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“I was laying there thinking, this is pure bliss!”  T. San Rafael

Bodywork for me is a meditation of authentic personal contact that connects the mundane and the sacred, the innocent and erotic, the giver and receiver, so that in the end we are both rejuvenated and restored, relaxed and satisfied.

Are you open to real communion, to be contacted by someone who is innately comfortable in his own body, who is capable of holding you with strength, security & respect... To be held in a way that is long lasting and reaches our deepest natures. To touch and be touched as a lover and as the sacred whole being that you are. Regardless of age, body type, sexual orientation.


Allow your body to be filled to your edge and beyond, expanding your capacity for pleasure and ecstasy. Learn to both deepen and extend your sexual excitement, to increase your endurance and mastery of your own sexuality. Surrender to the touch of an erotic master, creating a safe place to receive energy and wisdom, while being fully respected for who you are and your boundaries.

 Ask about special “Ass Master” sessions to open you up powerfully and gently!


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