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"You are absolutely worth every penny!"  M, San Francisco

“I was lying there thinking, this is pure bliss!”  T. San Rafael

“That was the most sensual gratifying 2 hours I have ever had. Max is the best. No one will ever be disappointed! He received me in his beautiful elegant private home, artistically appointed, I immediately felt at ease in his presence. The massage studio was warm & nurturing, with heated table & private shower. He is even better looking in person, amazing body, beautiful & erotic. It really was the one of the most awesome things that my body spirit and mind has ever experienced. There is no other masseur, Max is the one!” David, PS

"This was one of the best 4-hand massages I have ever had. Their hands, bodies, and cocks were in such unison that i often forgot that there were two men working on me. They took care of every inch of my body. I felt so energized with them that at the end , i had an incredibly huge full body orgasm." Dave, NJ

“Hey guys - - -What an amazing experience! You listened to what my intentions were coming into the experience, and you surpassed my expectations. The layering of sensations, from relaxing stretching, to scrubbing, to feather weight touch, to long fluid manipulation, to deep & penetrating . . . was exactly what my body needed. From a more inward level, you also surpassed what I hoped for.  With your help, I am learning to re-open myself to enjoying that aspect of myself.  While respecting my boundaries for a "non erotic" massage, you managed to make me feel safe in my body, being touched by two men at one time. . .being touched and accepted.  Reinforcing that part in me that is starting to feel safe in being touched as I transition into a new life. Thank you Max, Thank you Phillipe!”  Steve, Asheville

“ Phillipe: Wow, that was far and away the most sensual/erotic massage I have ever had. I was a little uneasy at first but you made it fun and extremely enjoyable. I truly appreciate your patience and guidence to a very fulfilling (yes, it was fulfilling ) experience. Enjoy the rest of your stay in Philadelphia and I hope to see you again when you return.”  David. Philadelphia

"Guys: Just want to send a huge thank you for your GREAT massage Wednesday evening. You are amazing souls with equally amazing massage skills.  You felt wonderfully present & sensitive, and the overall experience was a delicious blend of relaxing, exhilarating, hot, and liberating for me. I feel as if a piece of me had a deep healing."  P. Oakland

“Phillipe: Thank you for spoiling me!  You are a gift in my life.  You are incredibly sexy, kind, generous, loving, intelligent and all-around fun!  There go my loins again. :) I love you in a way that I have never loved before...I have no expectations of you but to only enjoy the time I spend with you.  I am free to be me in your presence... completely honest, vulnerable and passionate.  You provide that space and for that I thank you. You made my day beautiful!”  Ryan, Palm Springs

“I scheduled an appointment with Max and Phillipe as I wanted to treat myself to something special for my birthday. They did not disappoint me! I had not met either of them before but they both immediately made me feel welcome and comfortable in their studio. They have a connection with eachother that culminates into a wonderful energy that was transmitted through the wonderful techniques they employed during our session. I have never had a four handed massage before and it was incredible! I will definitely be a repeat client....”  Rich, Oakland


“That was phenomenal! You guys sure know your way around a man’s body!”  Juan, Wash DC

“oh my God Phillipe,  my mind is blown i have never had such a transformative experience! i felt so safe, I have never let anyone touch me that way before, and left you with a whole new way of experiencing my body and a new appreciation of myself as a whole human being!”  Stewart, San Francisco

“Phillipe, you are a trip!”  Rod, Wash DC

“I chose the priciest and longest option: a 4-hand tantric massage for 2 hours. It was everything advertised and more. These are two beautiful and skillful guys, who give a very professional and sensual massage, using all parts of their bodies to treat all parts of yours. Everyone is nude and touch is encouraged. A wonderful experience that I will repeat when we are in the same city.”  H.  Kailua, HI

“Dear Max,  A truly refreshing, relaxing and sensual experience on your table;  made better by meeting such an empathic, intuitive, and disarming guy who does it.  I want very much to return, and will.  Driving home I was struck how amazingly right it must feel that you and Phillipe met and meld such complementary interests and sympathetic souls.  You are blessed and your gratitude should be great. If any of the following can be of use in an ad or reference, please use it.  It isn't hype.  All the best, R.”  San Francisco

“ Thank you so much PhillipeI felt so nurtured, so held in your serene shifted my whole week! Gary, Austin TX

“It’s obvious Max loves what he does. His technique is truly original and he mannaged to get the knots and kinks out of my body with ease. That’s not easy to do with my body. The massage was so different and enjoyable. I remember lying there and thinking, "This is pure bliss." I cannot recall the last time I felt like that. I was sure to soak up the experience. I have only seen him once but will gladly be making the trip to see him again. It was well worth the drive! Thanks Max! See ya soon.”  C. San Jose CA

" ‘Simple but profound’... these are the word I would use to describe my healing experience with Max.”  B, San Rafael

“I was sitting here thinking of all the wonderful souls that have entered my path of life at one time or another. You are now one of that I truly thank the universe for sending my way. I hope we can stay in touch forever. Your massage has also had a great effect on my well being. It really was the one of the most awesome things that my body spirit and mind has ever experienced. There is no other masseur, you are the one. I would recommend and will that if any person should want to experience total bliss that they should go see the man. Go see Max.”   RP, Palm Springs

“Hello Max:  Again, thank you for providing once of the best massages I've ever received.  You provided the firm massage that I enjoy and you are an awesome guy to work with.  I look forward to enjoying a massage and/or doing some stretching with you in the near future.  Let me know when you are back in the area. Thanks!” P Glen Cove


"Hi Max, thanks for a terrific massage! You have a great way of becoming one with the body, physically and spiritually. As your hands touched I was able to breath and let go of all tension, conscious and sub conscious. Your movement, easing from one body part to another and back again like the interchanging energy of ocean waves and beach. You were just what I needed that warm summer afternoon. Thanks again.” S. Berkeley

“Hello Max. Just a quick note.  I enjoyed the massage thoroughly.  You are a very liberated soul and it was refreshing.  I like you very much as a person.  There was no pretense or awkwardness and was very relaxing. And thanks for not watching the clock and the extra time.  It was a very good experience.  Thanks again.” Z.  Brentwood

“That was so Hot! No, seriously that was the best massage i have ever had! You rock Phillipe, and you know how to make a guy feel really  good. You moved me to start loving myself more, and the life coaching was awesome as well.  I will see you very soon for sure.”  Bill, Kauai, Hawaii

“...I’m reminded to watch and listen to those possessed of wisdom to guide me. My trust in you allows for that wisdom you show to lead me on to a better way of being. In love I'll always find a way. Your love for me has been that way. Thanks. I look forward to your return and the great times to come.” S. Santa Cruz

"Thank you for a most wonderful massage. Your presence, touch and focus was incredible. It was and still is an experience I plan on repeating very soon. Yours, C" Santa Barbara

“Hello Max & Phillipe. The massage the other night was great. The senses tingle with four hands as the brain dosen't quite know what's happening. Best regards, A”  SF

“Max-- Thanks for the great massage. I felt so rejuvenated after the massage session. I look forward to another massage in the future. Your firm massaging touch was exactly what I needed after a stressful week at work.”  G  Napa

“Hearing from you really reminds me to stay cool be centered and love. I can't explain it. But, meeting you has given me strength and self confidence I didn't know I had. Look forward to seeing you again. Wishing you good luvin and much fun my friend.” F. Monterey

"I look forward to next time, whenever that will be." M. Honolulu

"Awesome massage! Beautiful!”  W. Kihei, Maui

"Appreciating you, your good work, and your great soul & being." H. Austin

“Max-- Thank you for the great massage. The entire session was awesome.” R. Lafayette

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