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Sublime Wisdom..... Give yourself over to us....

Tantra is about learning to both deepen and extend your experience, to increase your endurance and attain mastery of your own sexuality. Repatterning memories and issues stored in the body releases pain and trauma, allowing the flow of bliss & pleasure & vitality.


​For men, women, non-binary and transfolk with open hearts and minds and bodies...

Have you ever allowed your body to be filled to the very edge of passion and ecstasy....

In our Somatic Tantric Sessions, we take you on a journey that rejuvenates your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Tantra is the ancient art of recognizing the sacredness of sexuality & bringing it into embodiment.  How long have you experienced the oppression of these most powerful of human energies? Using breathwork and a variety of sensory stimulation, we will take you on a journey to self-remembering.  It is only through the liberation of these vital forces that we come to understand our unique sacral intelligence. 

We will guide you to explore, accept and embrace the full nature of your present experience. Accentuating open and authentic communication, together we navigate your edges and honor your boundaries. Our clients often experience portals opening in their bodies that  lead to unexpected and ecstatic states.


Definitely our SPECIALTY, our 4hand session has been cultivated and developed over the last 15 years.....a choreographed and synchronized weaving of subtle and erotic sensations.  You won't be able to tell who's hands are doing what. Our tandem massage session is an exquisite, insanely enjoyable and unforgettable experience. Many consider it to be the ultimate 4Hands experience they have ever had.

As you give yourself over to the intense male energy in the room, two testosterone filled strong bodies envelop you, taking you on a unique ride through every sense.


The session is so mind blowing because your mind cannot track who is who, where is where, and so releases all subtle control.  You find yourself completely letting go, surrendering to the tender and trustworthy strength of these two men.

We work in synchronicity, at times together, at times in complement, harmonizing with the energy brought by you, the client, in a dance of perfect delicious abandon.


An amazing gift as well….your partner will never forget it.


Imagine a safe and loving environment, where you can experience a deep intimate connection, where you can be totally yourself, free to explore your erotic edges and most secret heart desires.....

We love holding the space for this rare and amazing possibility to manifest.

This is the birthright of every human being, the most natural and beautiful expression of the power of your sexual and creative nature.....

Within one session, you may enjoy parts of yourself empowered that have remained buried or suppressed by the circumstances of life and conditioning. Once you have found the pleasure of true intimate connection, nothing else will do!

Within a series of sessions, as we go deeper into the healing and the resonance of erotic joy permeates your being,  the kinds of relationships you attract into your life will transform before your very eyes....

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