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"I have never felt so free, and relaxed, yet still in total awareness...

My  journey with you thru Tantric Massage has taken me to
sensual places that I have never experienced before. 
You made me feel 
ike no other massage therapist has ever done  before... You are truly a blessing to this earth!"                                 

Manuel, San Francisco




 Erotic energy can be healing, empowering, and fulfilling, if it is accompanied by presence, honesty and sensitivity. And of course sooooo pleasurable.

My sessions range from physically therapeutic, to emotionally healing, to sexually ecstatic. Most often they incorporate all of the above. I enjoy creating an environment where you feel seen, heard, held and appreciated for all that you are. Whether I am vigorously using my entire body to stimulate you, or holding you in intimate caress, or even playing a role for you, my only agenda is to guide you into deep satisfaction, which you can then take into your everyday world with you.

My clients typically run the gamut of men and sometimes women, from busy stressed out CEO's and lawyers, to physically embattled construction workers and public servants, from professional dancers and artists to disabled veterans of every kind of war, from closeted husbands to gay rights activists...I love you all, and hope to help to transform your relationship to your body, or simply to have a randy good time...your choice.

Coach Phillipe

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