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I have always been fascinated with the human body.  I have always sought education and experience within the realms of touch and movement.

I received my formal massage training in California in my early twenties and  went on to become a spiritual counselor, holding certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Alchemical Facilitation, Transpersonal Therapy, NLP, meditation instruction, conflict resolution, domestic mediation, and sexual healing modalities.

I enjoyed a thriving and fulfilling practice for 15 yrs, along with a much loved side career as an acting teacher and coach.

All along I kept my massage chops alive, trading with many amazing practitioners, and taking random courses to deepen my understanding of the complexities of the art form, including Thai Massage, Lomi Lomi, Alexander Technique, and Aston Patterning. I also have extensive experience in Contact Improvisation, Yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonics, Z Health, Tai Chi, and Systema ( a Russian Martial art), as well as Modern Dance and Ballet.

About 10 years ago I returned to bodywork as a profession, integrating my investigation into Tantra and the Erotic Arts. At the same time I reawakened my performing career, as an actor/singer/dancer, also writing and producing!…it’s never too late to embrace what you love.

Our bodies are one of the most integral parts of our enjoyment of this life, and because of daily stress and conditioning, we are in touch with a very small segment of what is possible to enjoy…I hope to provide some inroads to opening and expanding your experience of YOU!

Phillipe Bio

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